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Learn a little about the Cokers, makers of fine things!

By Our Powers Combined!


Funlola - Master of Metal

Funlola makes stuff with her hands, a lot of stuff! She loves sculpey, gnomes, warm clothes, food, and beating the living daylights out of any piece of metal within a 20 foot radius. She designs and makes almost all of the physical, real-world stuff we sell on the store.

You can see more of the stuff she works on and sells on
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Shof - Digital Doofus

Look at the steely-eyed glint in those eyes! If you looked at that picture and thought "this dude must be serious about his illustration, 3D modeling and animation", you're half right, he's super serious about that stuff! Shof also loves Arsenal Football Club, and when he isn't hard at work on most of the comics, wallpapers and digital do-dads you see on the site, he's kicking a football around.

You can keep up with him on
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Shobo - Handsome, Humble

Shobo loves stories, he loves writing them, reading them,  sort of likes drawing them... sometimes. He spends an inordinate amount of his time watching bad television and playing videogames, and like Shof and Funlola, has an unhealthy obsession with the Arsenal. He also feels really weird writing this in the third person, so he's going to stop here.

You can keep up with him on
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