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Outcasts of Jupiter
Coker CoOp at Comic-Con 2014

Yup, we were there. Well, Shof was there.

5.5 Inch Denarii Statues, and Comic Con 2014

Well look what came in the mail, just in time for a pre-Comic Con blog post. These 5.5 Inch beauties are mounted on stained wood blocks, and each one's signed by Shof. In the background you can see all the penciled and inked pages completed for issue #1 of Outcasts of Jupiter.

How do Shof and I Work Together on the Comic?

During the course of the Outcasts of Jupiter Kickstarter campaign, some of the interviewers we spoke to wondered what the creative process was like when two brothers worked together on a project like this, and often asked the question "how do you two work together?"

Interview Stragglers and a Progress Update

This week's update is short, but sweet, linking to a few late interviews we did right at the end of the Kickstarter cycle, and a sneak peak a panel from the comic!

How Do you Build an Army of Denarii's?

The answer? With a watchful eye, of course! Our first batch of Denarii mini's came in the mail recently. I wish we could say we were pleased as punch, but in truth the quality of the figures we ended up with didn't match the proof we'd been sent as a sample. The printer is unwilling to budge, so after a moment of blind rage, we've decided to do another run of prints, this time with a different vendor. We're absolutely committed to making sure what you guys get looks and feels fantastic!