Outcasts of Jupiter Fan Art, Ahoy! What Now Though?

Yesterday night (my time) I Skyped Shof and said:
"WOAH! Someone made Outcasts of Jupiter fan art! Check it out!"
After a few minutes, I got his response:
"Oh my gosh! I'm driving now Shobo, but that is so cool to see!"

Happy New Year, Folks!

We're getting 2015 started with a bang, Shof and I were featured on Comic Book Resources Robot 6! Check it out.

2015's going to be a big year for us, beginning with a series of webcomics that take place in the Outcasts of Jupiter-verse. We're going to be publishing these on Tapastic in February, keep a weather eye open for updates.

Outcasts of Jupiter #1 is Up On ComiXology - What's Next?

Outcasts of Jupiter #1 is up for sale on ComiXology (and on our website, here). It feels like the end of a long journey, but really it's only the beginning.

Outcasts of Jupiter T-Shirts!

Samples of our Outcasts of Jupiter T-shirts arrived the other day, Matt and the folks at Pen and Screen Printing Co. did an incredible job. The shirt feels comfy and the ink transfer looks and feels great!

Outcasts of Jupiter is Free to Read on Tapastic

Bang! Just like that, we decided to put Outcasts of Jupiter up free to read on Tapastic! It was a little scary at first, especially because Outcasts was never intended to be read in chunks, but I think we've figured out what pages we want to put up each weekly release so that the pacing doesn't suffer. The first few pages are already up, with more to follow. If you like what you see, please support us by buying the full comic!