An Introduction to Jannah and Farah

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Jannah and Farah, two more characters from our upcoming webcomic, “Under a Jovian Sun.”

Bayo & Bahira

Last week, we posted an image of Bahira, but we didn't say much about her at all. This week, we'll be giving you a breakdown of her history, and introducing her best friend in the whole-wide world, Bayo.

A Long Overdue Update

Yes, we've been silent for a while, but rest assured that work continues on "Under a Jovian Sun," our new anthology series that takes place in the "Outcasts of Jupiter" universe. 

Outcasts of Jupiter Fan Art, Ahoy! What Now Though?

Yesterday night (my time) I Skyped Shof and said:
"WOAH! Someone made Outcasts of Jupiter fan art! Check it out!"
After a few minutes, I got his response:
"Oh my gosh! I'm driving now Shobo, but that is so cool to see!"

Happy New Year, Folks!

We're getting 2015 started with a bang, Shof and I were featured on Comic Book Resources Robot 6! Check it out.

2015's going to be a big year for us, beginning with a series of webcomics that take place in the Outcasts of Jupiter-verse. We're going to be publishing these on Tapastic in February, keep a weather eye open for updates.