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About Sulesh

Sulesh is a member of the ancient Jovian race. Beyond that fact and a few personality traits, I honestly have little idea who Sulesh is right now. The truth is we'll have to find out together, as the books progress. In the meantime, I'll share as much as I do know.

I know Sulesh is always thinking... she's at least two steps ahead of everyone else in the room. She screens clients for the team, acts as arbiter, diplomat, and pilot, and the glue that holds things together. A woman of incredible guile and will, she's also an expert in the fields of astrolinguistics, xenoarchaeology, and alien anthropology. 

It isn't uncommon for the others to get into scrapes with one another and storm off under a thundercloud, but no one crosses Sulesh.

She's also a wife, and mother. For her husband, Persio, and her daughter, Funlola, Sulesh would do anything. That's where our tale kicks off.

Shof's color tests for Sulesh

When it came to designing Sulesh, Shof looked at Bollywood stars and Indian garb for inspiration. At one point he even toyed with the idea of giving her a Bindi. Her costume ended up being one part sari, and one part flight suit.

On a related note, Funlola just started work on a Sulesh bust. It's early days yet, but we'll be posting updates as it comes along. The pictures below show her getting tools and materials ready, beginning work on the armature, and initial progress on the bust itself.