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Outcasts of Jupiter #1 is Up On ComiXology - What's Next?

Outcasts of Jupiter #1 is up for sale on ComiXology (and on our website, here). It feels like the end of a long journey, but really it's only the beginning.

What's Next?

Shof and I are hard at work on issues 2-5, which constitute the Outcasts first full adventure. It takes them deep into the Unclaimed Lands, where they'll explore strange new cities, make new allies and enemies, and brave the dangers of an unforgiving desert expanse. 

Webcomics from the Jonahverse

It'll take a while to get issues 2-5 done, which is why issue #1 is written in such a manner that it's fairly self-contained. In the meantime, we've got plans for a series of short webcomics that will take place in the same universe, likely in and around the City of Seven Faces.

We'll be publishing these short stories all over the web, but primarily on our Tapastic Page. We're pretty excited at the chance to explore different genres and styles of storytelling, and get a better look at the seedy back alleys of Kebbah and the people who live there! Right now, we're aiming for the first few panels to go up at the end of January or the beginning of February, we hope you'll come along for the journey, it's gonna be a heck of a ride.