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Meet Stein, Man of a Thousand Masks

Meet John Stein, the most recently minted, and youngest member of the think tank. A lover, a liar, a thief, and a rogue. A man of 1,000 faces, identities and aliases, carefully cultivated and maintained with great care across dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. 

A quick-witted, strategic thinker, Stein is Sulesh's trusted lieutenant and second in command. Some would brand him a con-man, but Stein is a much more complicated animal.  He possesses an uncanny ability to acquire, borrow, scrounge or steal items in great demand when needed. Rather than flair, bombast and action, Stein favors precision, misdirection and infiltration. 

If this makes the man sound dishonest, then I do him a grave disservice. A man with his gifts could become unfathomably rich if he chose a different path, but he has not. His loyalty and strength of character have earned him the respect of the entire team.