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Outcasts of Jupiter #1 is Done and Dusted

Last week, Shof put the finishing touches on the story section of book one of Outcasts of Jupiter. For the first time in 4 months he put down his pen, shaved his hobo-beard, and staggered breathless into the California sun to scrounge for berries.

Digital Books Coming Soon

The book is done, which means we're proof-reading, fixing typos and making sure the whole package looks presentable for you. Once we're done with that, we'll be sending you links via email so that you can download the PDF's. Right now we're targeting the end of the month, but it could very well be sooner than that. This first digital version won't contain behind the scenes content (we wanted to get the book to you as quickly as we could). The BTS content will be added to a second digital version that we'll send you all links to around the time the physical version of the book, and other items ship (still scheduled for November).

Denarii Army Custom Packaging and Painting Progress

Before the Great Shavening, Shof went ahead and designed some neat custom packaging for the mini Denarii's. You can see the packaging in the gallery below, and get a look at the progress Alla's making on hand painting the little army and preparing the troops for battle.

Stay tuned, won't be long now till you've got a hot slice of scifi comic goodness to dig in to!