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Outcasts of Jupiter Fan Art, Ahoy! What Now Though?

Yesterday night (my time) I Skyped Shof and said:

"WOAH! Someone made Outcasts of Jupiter fan art! Check it out!"

After a few minutes, I got his response:

"Oh my gosh! I'm driving now Shobo, but that is so cool to see!"

It was really cool to see! It's the first fan art we've seen for "Outcasts" and it's incredible. Creating art isn't easy, it takes patience and no small amount of dedication. It means a lot to us that someone connects enough with the world and characters of "Outcasts" to sacrifice that time and effort, so thanks Ike, you rock.

What Next For "Outcasts of Jupiter," Though?

We haven't stopped working on the mainline comic. The story line for the entire first arc's been plotted, and very early work has begun on issue#2, but as we've said before, it'll take a quite a while before it sees the light of day. Right now, Shof's working hard on a project he's contracted to, and that takes priority. 

In the meantime, we've started work on a project called "Under a Jovian Sun," which we've set up on Tapastic. The goal is to create a biweekly webcomic that delves into the history of the "Outcasts of Jupiter" universe, providing information on politics, people and daily life, highlighting both the extraordinary and the extraordinarily mundane. 

Since Shof is tied up at the moment, we're working together on the story and have reached out to a small handful of artists who's work we really dig to be a part of the project. We're hoping to be up and running soon, and we hope you'll come along for the journey. You can subscribe on Tapastic, it's totally free and a frankly wonderful platform.

More soon!