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We're Launching a Kickstarter, and this is the Cover of Our Incredible Comic!

It feels great to finally be able to say that. Shof and I have been working on this for months and months. We've done a ton of research into how to get a really high quality book printed, and put even more work into writing the story, getting the art started and figuring out the inner workings of Kickstarter, fulfillment centers, printers and more.

Beyond the comic, we'd also like to make available do-dads like high quality T-shirts, stickers, buttons, statues, pins and other cool things, some of which Funlola is helping out with (as you may have noticed). It's a collaborative effort and we're almost at the stage where we're ready to push the launch button on the Kickstarter. If you're interested in seeing Outcasts of Jupiter make it to print, we're going to need your support now more than ever 

For now, here's the cover of Outcasts of Jupiter #1

What is a Kickstarter? How does it work? When does it go live? How can you help? All very good questions I'll address in the very next update. Thanks for sticking with us so far!