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Shof's Amazing Denarii Sculpt is Finished. Here it is!

One of the rewards we're hoping to offer as part of our upcoming Kickstarter is a 7 inch statue/figure of Denarii. I teased this in a previous blog post that showed off a smaller, cuter figure. This meant that Shof had to create a really, really cool looking 3D model for us to base the actual print on. How did he do? No words, just have a look...

And in the spirit of this blog, here are some fine work in progress shots that give you an idea of how the sculpt evolved as Shof worked on it.

Shof's first pass at Denarii looked great at the time. In retrospect it lacks the definition and sense of contained power that's emblematic of the character. You can see his red sketch lines as he tries to figure out how to bring some of that to the model.

Now we're getting somewhere! With this pass, Shof started to really get a handle on the character. But there was one more step needed.

Sending a test sculpt to the 3D printer gave Shof an idea of what areas needed to be given exaggerated detail in order to hold up once printed using a physical material like resin or plastic. You might notice that every aspect of the model is a lot more defined than the previous render.

Above is an alternate pose Shof tried out. It looked nice, but just wasn't dynamic enough, which left us with the one below. So whaddya think?