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The First Two Pages Are Finished, And They Look Fantastic!

Shof, Funlola and I would like to say "thank you", to everyone who's backed us, commented, liked shared, and told friends about the Outcasts of Jupiter Kickstarter so far.  We crested $2,000 a day ago, which just about puts us on track to hit our goal of $9,500... just about!

We've had backers from the US, the UK, Sweden, Poland, Nigeria, the Philippines, Brazil, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, Denmark and more. We need you all to keep commenting, sharing, and sending emails and messages to popular websites and blogs. At this stage of the Kickstarter the name of the game is exposure, and the more people we have checking the project out, the more likely we'll get new backers. Shof, Funlola and I aren't resting on our laurels either, we're hitting the press sites hard, but the more voices we have pushing Outcasts, the more likely they are to pay attention.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Shof finished the first two pages of the comic a few days ago, and they look pretty rad, right?