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Our Kickstarter Launches on Tuesday, 8th of April at 8am PDT!

 First, an exciting announcement; we're officially launching the Outcasts of Jupiter Kickstarter tomorrow, on Tuesday, 8th of April at 8am PDT. We're absolutely going to need your support to get things off to a good start, so we hope you'll pick up a copy!

Shof, Funlola and I have worked hard to make sure all the Kickstarter rewards we offer are really high quality, and super duper cool. Apart from digital and print versions of the comic, we'll also have available things like handmade pins, T-shirts, posters, art prints, buttons, limited edition statues, a handmade bust, and more.  

We also wanted to share progress on the comic itself since Shof's starte inking, and is almost done with the first two pages. Once he's done with the inks he'll move on to color, we're hoping to get a pair of complete pages done during the course of the campaign so that everyone can see what the final art in the book will look like. Click on 'em to get a better look!