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Interview Stragglers and a Progress Update

Greetings, People of Earth!

Works continues on Outcasts, and *gasp*, it still looks awesome! 

Podcasts and Interviews
Just before the Kickstarter campaign ended, I did an interview with the folks at GrayHaven, and talked about what it's like working with Shof (*groooaaaaaan*), why we started working on Outcasts, and some other topics that are less interesting. It's a quick read - GrayHaven Interview.

Another interview we both did in that hazy period near the end of the Kickstarter campaign was with the udderly cool twin brothers, Jason and Sean Murray of Atomic Moo. We sat down and recorded a podcast with them, and our segment starts at about 12 mins in (*naughty language warning*)  Atomic Moo Podcast.

Here's a random, non-spoilery panel from the comic so far!

Denarii and Sulesh hatch a plan on a Kebbah rooftop

Denarii and Sulesh hatch a plan on a Kebbah rooftop