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How do Shof and I Work Together on the Comic?

During the course of the Outcasts of Jupiter Kickstarter campaign, some of the interviewers we spoke to wondered what the creative process was like when two brothers worked together on a project like this, and often asked the question "how do you two work together?"

I tried to explain that because we grew up so aware of each other's tastes, there wasn't much need for brainstorming. It often boiled down to a quick exchange of ideas, and any issues are generally sorted out fairly quickly. This exchange, taken from a Skype conversation last week sums up the creative process in a nutshell:

Shof: What do our walkie-talkies look like in Outcasts?

Shobo: Hmm, I hadn't really thought about that.

Shof: I used a stand-in, in the layouts. Some kind of transmitter.

Shobo: How about a flip-phone looking sort of thing?

Shof: It needs to be somewhat identifiable, because it's not in anyone's hands. It's left broken on the floor.

*a few minutes later, Shof comes to a realization*

Shof: Oh Lordy, you were thinking of Star Trek when you suggested the flip-phone. (Shof is generally not a Star Trek fan, and occasionally finds my uber-love of all-things-Trek, and TNG in particular, somewhat grating).

*minutes later, Shof sends over an image*


And now, that's what our communicators look like.

Shof will also be at Comic Con 2014 this year (on Thursday 24th). He'll have a copy of all our progress on Outcasts of Jupiter with him, so if you're in the area and happen to bump into him, say hi, maybe you'll get a sneak peek!