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Bayo & Bahira

Greetings, People of Earth!

Last week, we posted an image of Bahira, but we didn't say much about her at all. This week, we'll be giving you a breakdown of her history, and introducing her best friend in the whole-wide world, Bayo.

Bahira: A 15 year old human girl. Originally born in Kebbah, Bahira was orphaned at a young age and sent to Lagos to live with her uncle. Ignored and uncared for, she ran away, living on the streets of Ajegunle for a number of years. Eventually, she chanced upon an upstart young thief named Bayo, with whom she formed a strong bond, and the pair have been thick as thieves since. Bahira is caustic, strong-willed and stubborn, fiercely protective of Bayo and distrustful of authority figures.

Bayo: A 10 year old boy and member of the Oremi race, who was abandoned on the streets of  Ajegunle and taken in by the community (hence his Nigerian name). Bayo is a ball of mischievous, dynamic energy, who loves tinkering and has an intense passion for reading and learning. He’s quick, slippery, agile, and takes a tremendous amount of glee in outfoxing adults and those bigger than him. Quick-witted and intelligent, he almost always gets both himself and Barhira into trouble, but is equally adept at getting them out of it. It was Bayo who convinced Bahira the pair should move back to her hometown of Kebbah, after the pair endured run of intensely bad luck in Lagos.