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An Introduction to Jannah and Farah

Greetings, People of Earth!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Jannah and Farah, two more characters from our upcoming webcomic, “Under a Jovian Sun.”

Farah: 13 year old human twin sister of Jannah. She has long, thick curly hair and an easy-going attitude. She carries a custom-made Moroccan banjo, slung over her shoulder and always goes on runs with her sister. Wears thick glasses, and her clothing is highly decorated with patches, pins and little 
flourishes that exemplify her neo-Bohemian attitude.

Jannah: She’s a couple of minutes older than Farah, and bossy because of it. Self-appointed second-in-command of the group of street urchins, and she runs a tight ship. Short hair, no-frills clothing, wears a scruffy sweater, jeans and a belt. Her and Farah sleep in the bed of a broken down 504 pickup truck. They're inseparable.