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2019 is Going to Rock - Here’s Why

Greetings, People of Earth!

First, Shof and I would just like to say thank you. Thanks to everyone who’s waited patiently while we hammered away at the second half of the first half (yikes!) of Under a Jovian Sun. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading the pages we post on Tumblr and on Tapas, who’s commented, shared and offered precious words of encouragement. 

We set out to expand the Jonahverse in an unexpected way, and thanks to some awesome collaborators like Claudio GrassiFrancisco Muñoz and Yinfaowei, we think we’ve done just that. It’s been a supremely fun project for us, but also draining (financially and mentally). Most importantly though, you guys seem to really dig the adventures of Nasco, Bahira, Bayo and the gang.

There are just a few pages left to publish before we hit what we believe is the halfway mark of the book (about 50 pages). At that point, we’re going to pause for a little while and switch our focus. We’ve been working on Under a Jovian Sun for a couple of years now, and we’d like to get back to working on Book 2 of Outcasts of Jupiter.

Book 2 is going to be much more ambitious and much bigger than Book 1 was. For a good deal of the preproduction, we’re going to be working in public. This means you’ll be hearing from us a lot more often. We’ll be posting lore dumps, sketches, videos and much more. We’re also revamping our website, and launching a brand new shop with some really cool items we hope you’ll love. ( - sign up for the newsletter!)

We’ve got a ton more news to share, and if I’m honest, we can’t wait. This year’s been good, but the next one’s gonna be incredible. I feel it in my bones. 

Till the next update!