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Under a Jovian Sun Returns in 2017

Under a Jovian Sun will finally get new pages in 2017. It feels fantastic to finally say that.

We started posting in October of 2015. The goal was to post a new page every couple of weeks and run through the entire story. However, production issues meant that this simply wasn’t possible. Our talented artist and good friend, Claudio Grassi had to bow out for personal reasons. It was tough, because Claudio brought so much passion and love to the project, unfortunately, his departure couldn’t be helped. 

Shof and I are very protective of who we share the Jonahverse with, so we took our time when it came to finding someone new to work with. We spent months looking at applications from nearly 400 talented artists, and In the end I think we found the right partner in Francisco Muñoz. Francisco’s style is very different from Claudio’s, but it’s equally as engaging and he comes to the project as a fan first. We’re lucky to have him on board. While pencil/inking duties have changed hands, the irrepressible Harrison Tombra remains on colors, bringing that vibrant signature look of his to our pages. 

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been working quietly with Harrison and Francisco in an effort to build up a buffer of pages that will allow us to post new Jovian Sun pages on a regular schedule, one dictated by the demands of the story. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re mighty close, and we wanted to share an early look at what’s to come over the course of the year. Here are some work-in-progress pages of what’s to come from Under a Jovian Sun. As always, you can follow our progress on Twitter and on Tapastic.